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Blog Reviews

Own a blog? Use these blog reviews to promote Universal Wealth Secrets

Blog Review 1

Anyone who has read my reviews would know that I’m a bit of a self help junkie. In my years of writing reviews for various products, I must have written hundreds of reviews for various self help products. Heck, in that time I probably bought hundreds more that I never bothered writing reviews for.

If you can’t already tell, I’m a big believer of affirmations, visualizations and the like, only because these things brought dramatic change into my life. And I feel it’s only fair that I share these things with you in an effort to give back what I’ve been fortunate enough to receive.

Which is why I admire Chris D’Cruz, because he follows the same exact principles that I make a point to live my life by.

The difference between Chris and I is that he shares his knowledge through his own products, and I simply write reviews on them. I’ve done this with his first product, “Universal Life Secrets”, and this time I’ll be writing about his latest release, aptly named “Universal Wealth Secrets.”

So what exactly is “Universal Wealth Secrets” all about?


Chris D’Cruz boldly claims on his site that you’re about to “discover the secret to forcing the universe into granting you a destiny of incredible wealth and unimaginable success”, and then he asks you if you’re “ready for a life-altering experience.”

Chris is nothing if not dramatic; he made similar bold claims for “Universal Life Secrets”, claiming that you’d have limitless godlike powers to create your own reality as you see fit. He even offered to give you your money back if you’re not convinced after 60 days (he makes the same offer for “Universal Wealth Secrets”).

I have to admit, the first time I read such bold claims I was quite cynical. It was such a bold promise that I immediately thought he wouldn’t be able to deliver. But having tried Universal Life Secrets for myself, I was confident that Chris would deliver yet another astonishing product with “Universal Wealth Secrets”.

You’ll be glad to know that I wasn’t disappointed.

“Universal Wealth Secrets” is a 170 page guide on how you can attract wealth and prosperity into your life. Broken down into 12 chapters, each chapter addresses an important aspect of wealth attainment. From fundamentals that grant you a better understanding of the true definition of wealth, to crucial lessons on how you can attain wealth in every sense of the word,

Right from the get-go he reveals the secret to making and managing money (Chapter 2), and then reveals to you the various avenues open to your money-making endeavors (Chapter 5). You’ll be surprised by just how many money-making opportunities (Chapter 8) you’ve been missing out on all this while... I know I was.


But Universal Wealth Secrets is more than just a 170 page ebook. Chris also throws in a process map that shows the path to wealth in a linear, straightforward manner. While it’s easy to get lost amongst all the fundamentals and concepts in the book, the process map really does wonders getting you back on track if you get confused over what’s required of you as you work your way toward achieving abundant wealth in your life.

There’s also a brainwave entrainment audio that Chris claims will “reprogram your mind and transform you into a conduit for incredible wealth attraction”. Simply put, this audio will turn you into a money magnet. Frankly I don’t think I’ve tried it long enough to give a fair review on it, but I must say that if anything, the audio is soothing to listen to, and has helped me de-stress after a hard day’s work.

All in all, while I won’t say that “Universal Wealth Secrets” will make you an overnight millionaire, it’s still a great start to get you on the road to riches if you’ve been struggling for years to earn your first million.

Blog Review 2

I’ve read many (and I mean MANY) books, especially those on self improvement. I tend to finish a book within days (depending on how busy or tired I get), and often when I like a particular book I make recommendations to friends whenever I meet up with them or Tweet about it.

So for me to actually bother writing a review about a book, you’d know how much I love the book. And this is exactly why you’re reading a review on Chris D’Cruz’s Universal Wealth Secrets.

Now here’s the thing about Universal Wealth Secrets: When you first read Chris’ words on how you can get the universe to give you a life of riches and success, the thought that comes to mind is, “Oh this is all just hype.” Frankly, that’s what I initially thought. After all, whoever heard of “forcing” the universe to do anything contrary to whatever grand scheme it’s made for?

But for some reason I overlooked all the hype. Maybe it’s the 60 days money back guarantee. Maybe it’s the fact that some of the hype made sense. Maybe it’s out of good faith. I don’t know, all I know is that I ended up clicking on the Add To Cart button and purchasing the course.

Yes, Universal Wealth Secrets is an entire course on how you can achieve a life of wealth, consisting of an ebook, a process map, and a brainwave entrainment audio. I’ll review each one as we go along.

As far as the ebook is concerned, it’s 170 pages long, and contains 12 chapters that covers almost everything you’d ever want to know about wealth. From the basics, right up to the advanced wealth accumulation techniques that so few people are aware of, to how you can achieve the ideal mindset for wealth, you’ll find it all within the pages of the ebook.

Chris provides some interesting nuggets of enlightenment with regards to attaining wealth that I frankly wasn’t aware of. In the book, he writes about how a simple change of mindset can bring about world of difference in not only how you perceive what you have in life, but also how you can multiply the abundance you had previously overlooked. I certainly wasn’t aware of some of my negative traits until I read a couple of chapters in the book which were relevant to me.

Then there’s the process map. The process map is essentially a graphical guide on the various steps you need to take in order for you to reach your goals where wealth is concerned. The map lists out everything that needs doing step by step, giving you a benchmark or a point of reference each time you progress onward or when you’re uncertain of what to do next. For a person like me, this is a great component to have.

Lastly, you have the brainwave entrainment audio. At the time of writing, I’ve had two weeks to try the audio for myself, and in these two weeks I’ve experienced a slight change where my mindset is concerned. I consider myself a spendthrift, or I used to be one before I listened to the Unlimited Wealth Attraction brainwave entrainment audio.

Now I find myself becoming more careful about my purchases, and I think twice about giving into my impulses to purchase something I don’t necessarily need. I’m sure this is just one small change of many to come, but I do believe that the brainwave entrainment audio works.

So is Universal Wealth Secrets all hype? Doubt it. I feel that it’s worth a try, especially when you’ve got a ton of valuable information you probably won’t get elsewhere for dirt cheap. The one thing that’s worth the price of the entire course is the brainwave entrainment audio itself, and considering it worked for me, imagine what it can do for you.


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To Your Success,

Chris D'Cruz
Keeper of The Universal Wealth Secrets